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Schwitzer Contracting have many years experience clearing land. We specialise in helping land owners, property developers, roading contractors and local government authorities in situations where

  • vegetation is out of control
  • time is critical and
  • access is difficult


If you've already got well established and mature gorse bushes, then mechanical clearing is the first step. Our all terrain 'spider' tractor fitted with Schwitzer Contracting's patented mulching attachment is ideal. This reduces the gorse to a fine organic mulch. Spraying small isolated bushes, and young seedlings, with modern herbicides complements mechanical clearing. 

Mulching Vegetation

Mulching is the modern day answer to lighting fires. It is environmentally friendly and turns waste into a valuable product. Mulch is ideal for your garden landscaping needs. We have shredders that can handle diameters from 50mm up to 1m with ease. These are suitable for shelterbelt removal, any previously piled stumps, debris and general green waste. Schwitzer Contracting will select the correct mulcher for your requirements, big or small. 

Tree Shredding

Our method of tree shredding is quick and efficient, and allows the shredded tree to be left on site. The shredded material can be used for landscaping, stock-piled for later, sold on, or moved off site. Felling and shredding can be undertaken in one operation, with Schwitzer Contracting often bringing both shredding and mulching equipment on site.

Stump Grinding

Schwitzer Contracting are able to offer a complete solution to your stump problems, grinding stumps down to a depth of 2m if required. With our heavy equipment we are able to grind stumps of any size to sawdust in less time than conventional means.

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